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The Amazing Weight Loss Phenomenon You've Heard About All Over the Media! Hoodia Will Finally Get Your Appetite Under Control So You Can Quickly and Easily Lose Weight! Our Hoodia Gordonii Is GUARANTEED To Work For You!

Hoodia gordonii, contains the active ingredient P57 a powerful appetite suppressant. Hoodia is a non-stimulant herb with no known adverse side effects. The natural combination of constituents in hoodia have a similar effect on nerve cells to glucose, “tricking” the brain into the sensation of fullness and reducing the release of brain chemicals that increase appetite and cravings. With a reduction of food, the body uses existing fat stores for energy.

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hoodia gordoniiThe use of Hoodia has long been known by the indigenous populations of Southern Africa, with their centuries old use of the plant to suppress appetite, and quench thirst when making long hunting trips in the Kalahari Desert, but its only been in recent times that Hoodia, due to its appetite suppressing properties, has become a popular weight management solution for the rest of the world.

Hoodia gordonii is a leafless spiny cactus like stem succulent, described as "cactiform" because of its remarkable similarity to the unrelated cactus family. Its a native to South Africa and Namibia and in recent times, after the popularity of its powerful appetite suppressing properties, is now being commercially farmed in Asia and Africa.

Internationally, hoodia has become a best selling natural appetite suppressant.

san people tribe The San people of Southern Africa, not only used it as an appetite suppressant, but also as a thirst quencher and as a cure for severe abdominal cramps, haemorrhoids, tuberculosis, indigestion, hypertension and diabetes.

In the 90s the sudden demand for hoodia, led to mass wild harvesting of the plant wiping out large areas in Africa and causing the plant to become endangered in Nambia and South Africa. Our hoodia extract is made from Chinese farmed Hoodia gordonii, and is a totally sustainable resource, which is why we can offer our product much cheaper than the African Hoodia.

Hoodia Gordonii in the News

Hoodia Gordonii in the News

Hoodia on Oprah: Diet Pills: The next generation

"They won't push the plate away from you, but they do promise to quell appetite, boost metabolism, and zap fat cells..." "...Deep in the heart of Southern Africa's Kalahari Desert may lie the secret to weight loss."

Hoodia on CNN: Hype over Hoodia

"Do South African Bushmen have the secret to weight loss? CNN's Carol Lin reports on the new diet craze."

60 Minutes: African plant may help fight fat

"Hoodia, a plant that tricks the brain by making the stomach feel full, has been in the diet of South Africa's Bushmen for thousands of years."

Research on Hoodia Gordonii, at the Brown University Medical School

A 2004 study conducted by Brown University Medical School "Zucker Rats", (Zucker Rats are special rats bred to be obese and diabetic), were given Hoodia Gordonii, incredibly the Zucker Rats that were given Hoodia lost weight and even revered signs of diabetes, a major breakthrough as rats in general that are given unlimited food will not lower calorie intake or lose weight

The doctors' choice!

doctorDieticians and doctors concur that Hoodia Gordonii is the best possible solution for an effective and safe weight-loss. Hoodia Gordonii does not have any side-effects and this is what has caught the interest of the medical community. Reduction in body mass that is induced by Hoodia Gordonii does not involve health risks which are generally associated with weight-loss techniques such as liposuction and bariatric surgeries.

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I started taking your Hoodia Gordonii product before most meals and now I feel great. I also wanted to commend you on your shipping. I ordered your product one day and it seemed like I had it on my door step in 72 hours.
Maria, USA

After taking Hoodia Gordonii for a few weeks now my friends keep on complementing me on my apperance. Thanks for creating this great product that has changed my life.

Stephanie, Canada

"...Hoodia Gordonii is a wonderful capsule and it has helped me cut down my weight. I like to maintain my body in a perfect shape and this capsule has helped me do so. Thanks!"

Colleen, 33, Australia

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